Decanter Infuser

Decanter Infuser

₹ 690.00

Fruit Infuser Glass Pitcher The unique and practical Decanter Infuser has been designed with the highest standard of quality. Thanks to its innovative functionality that makes it an ideal solution for preparing fruit juices or any other refreshing liquids. It is simple to use. Just lift the clear lid to fill water or juice in the jar and fill fruits in the filter tube that infuses to add flavour to the liquid. Its uniquely designed filter tube can be removed for easy cleaning.

Features:- Contemporary Design on the lid with Scandinavian style

Unique designed filter tube can be removed for Easy cleaning

Lift the Clear Lid to fill with water or juice

Designed with enviromentally-friendly and hygienic glass

Infusion decanter with plastic fruit filter tube.

Made of glass with plastic tube Capacity- 1000ml