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  • Barraid BBG(750 ml)

    1 out of 5
    ₹ 799.00 ₹ 499.00
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  • Bike Fridge Magnets

    2.53 out of 5
    ₹ 299.00

    Aren’t fridge magnets fun? Gift this personalized fridge magnet, with your name, to your husband on his Birthday and make him happy. Imagine how many times he opens/closes the fridge door, and everytime he does that, he will smile seeing this wonderful birthday gift from you.

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  • Bullet Beer Glass

    2.58 out of 5
    ₹ 1,299.00 ₹ 800.00
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  • Candy Machine

    ₹ 990.00

    The name says it all, this is a classic candy or gumball machine. It comes with a candy dispensing wheel.This little gumball machine can do it all.Each candy machine can be equipped with an adjustable candy dispensing wheel that will vend most candy items. The candy dispensing wheel can be adjusted to let out the perfect number of candy pieces per vend no matter what size candy you choose to fill your machine with.

    Mini candy dispenser machines can be used to decorate your desk to accompany your working days and could be an attractive option for gifts too!

    • Colours will be sent at random.


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  • Coughing and Screaming Ashtray

    ₹ 545.00

    The Coughing, Screaming Ashtray is good for two things as far as I can tell. It’s a great gift for that smoker looking to quit or the smoker with the dark sense of humor that laughs in the face of his / her own mortality.

    Here’s how it works: when a cigarette is placed into the lung shaped ashtray it starts to cough and scream. Pretty grim, but amusing nonetheless.

    • This novelty ashtray looks like real pair of lungs
    • As you place your cigarette on the trough, it starts coughing and screaming as though the cigarette is lighted up in a real lung!
    • Perfect for helping the ones who try to give up smoking
    • Great gift for the smokers in your life

    Powered by 2 x AA 1.5V battery (Sold Separately)

    Color: white & red

    Size: 130 x 115 x 44mm


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  • Egg Cracker

    ₹ 325.00

    Egg Cracker Separator is the fantastic new tools that makes cracking eggs open a breeze! With Egg Cracker Separator, make imperfectly cracked eggs with spilling and bits of shell mixed up with the egg a thing of the past. Simply place the egg inside Egg Cracker Separator and presto, a perfectly cracked egg everytime.Egg Cracker Egg Separator also separates egg whites from egg yolks perfectly every time, making delicious and nutritious egg white omelets easy and quick to make. With the EggCracker, say goodbye to scalded fingers when you make hardboiled eggs and try to peel the shell off the hot eggs. The Egg Cracker is also ideal for removing the shells of hard boiled eggs.

    How to use:

    • Place the egg into the EZ Cracker’s crad
    • Squeeze both handles together to crack the egg.
    • Insert the egg white separator into the unit to divide the yolk from the white.

    This simple design allows you to crack open eggs without any mess or bits of shell in your food. Simply insert an egg into the cradle and squeeze to instantly crack and release the egg from its shell. With the Egg Cracker, the shell is always left behind so you never have to worry about fishing that annoying piece of shell out of your food!


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  • Envelope Door Stopper

    ₹ 325.00

    How many times have you seen mail get slipped under the door but no one ever goes to pick it up? Here’s one ‘envelope’ that isn’t really an envelope, but is a door stop that is supposed to be stuck under the door. This is a door stopper that has been cheekily designed to look like an envelope.  With it placed on the door, it will be able to prevent the door from being slammed shut on a windy day.  However, as it look just like it is, it also comes with the ability to fool an unsuspecting person into thinking there’s an envelope left under the door. Material:silicone

    Easy to clean.

    Durable Eco-friendly.

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  • Jelly Maker

    ₹ 770.00

    Make Jelly in minutes, not hours! Chill Factor Jelly Maker’s Rapid-Freeze-Technology means that you don’t have to wait so long for Jelly to set anymore. Make your favourite Jelly mixture (following manufacturer’s instructions. For best results use half the recommended water amount), allow it to cool slightly and pour it in… then watch the transformation in minutes from liquid to a delicious, ready to eat Jelly!

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  • Panda Contact Lens Case

    ₹ 360.00

    These cute contact lens cases shaped like a cute Panda are perfect for carrying your contacts with you.

    The contact lens travel kit comes with the basic cleaning necessities for your contact lenses

    Protect your eyes and contact lenses with this contact lens travel kit bundle.

    The case also include

    • small mirror
    • a pair of tweezers
    • a lens holder.

    For your eyes’ health, it’s better to use a new contact lens case every 3 months.

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  • Skull Decanter

    ₹ 965.00

    Get ready to spook your closest friends and family. This totally creepy, yet totally cool decanter features a crystal ball stopper and, well…a skull head! Let the drinks pour on with this super stylish skull decanter.

    Pour us an undead one? We’ve always been perplexed by the expression, “Pour me a stiff one.” Since we’re not fans of death, but rather undeath, why don’t you use this Zombie Decanter to pour us an undead one? After all, in slightly-more-than-moderate amounts, alcohol serves to dull our senses, slur our speech, and makes us stumble around, much like our zombie friends. This vessel closes with a cork stopper and will hold approximately 550 ml of your favorite stupefying liquid. Just remember, you’ll never survive the apocalypse if you’re drunk, so drink responsibly, will ya? We need you on our survival team.

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